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The Town Of Belville’s Past, Present & Future

Town of Belville History
Belville is a town that has experienced so much over the decades. While it has changed a lot, it has stayed the same in...

Inside the Murchinson House: Azalea Festival Home Tour

The Murchinson House Wilmington NC
The Historic Wilmington Foundation is ready for their 2017 Home Tour, which happens this weekend. This year there are 10 historic places on the...

Where to Dine Outside in Leland

Outdoor Dining in Leland, NC
Warmer days are coming, and there is something about having a crisp white wine on the patio while the Brunswick County breezes tickle your...

Meet Deputy Arnold Floyd at Leland Middle School

Arnold Floyd Leland Middle School SRO
As every parent knows, mentoring a child means more than keeping them safe. It means caring about them, listening to them and, sometimes, making...

A Community Pitches In: Recovering After Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew Recovery Efforts
The community came together after Hurricane Matthew, but the recovery is far from over and the needs are still great. “In a time of domestic...

Harrington Village: Leland Works to Build a Downtown

Harrington Square Leland NC
With Harrington Village, The Town of Leland hopes to create the walkable, urban destination that the town has been missing. If you could build a...

The First FIRST Robotics Team in Brunswick County

Brunswick County Robotics League
Somewhere in the depths of Brunswick County Academy on a rainy Friday night, high school kids wield hammers, saws, and computers. Electrical wires run...

Romance at School: Jill & Settle Dawkins

Jill and Settle Dawkins Teachers at Lincoln Elementary
For Jill and Settle Dawkins, school has always been a part of their story. These high school sweethearts are both third-grade teachers at Lincoln Elementary...

Listen Up Brunswick County: Good Music & Good Deeds

Joe Crookston at Listen Up Brunswick County
PHOTOGRAPHY BY Genie Leigh Photography Listen Up Brunswick County started with a passion and came to life thanks to good-old-fashioned hard work. Now in its...