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Pickleball Rules in Brunswick County

Pickleball in Brunswick County
The paddle sport is a smash hit in Brunswick County. PHOTOGRAPHY BY Michael Cline Pickleball. The name might sound obscure, but the game, described as a...

The Wilmington IceHawks are Southern Skaters

Wilmington IceHawks
The Wilmington IceHawks prove that Northern kids aren’t the only ones who know their way around the ice and a puck. PHOTOGRAPHY BY Mark Steelman One...

Bobby Harrelson Brings his Magic Touch to Compass Pointe

Compass Pointe Clubhouse
With the addition of a golf course and on-site restaurant, Bobby Harrelson succeeds yet again at Compass Pointe. PHOTOGRAPHY by Megan Deitz Many people played a...

Like a Kid Again: Cape Fear Sports

Cape Fear Sports
Cape Fear Sports, Wilmington’s only sport and social club, offers fun ways for adults to get out, meet people and have a great time. PHOTOGRAPHY...