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Supporting Leland NC Small Businesses One Page at a Time

Leland NC Small Business
“I went to Shirley’s Diner for the first time about six weeks ago,” says Lara Bair, a resident of Leland for the past six...

The Yates Reflect on a Lifetime in Leland

Mallory Creek The Pines
Settled between the hustle and bustle of Wilmington and Southport lies the sleepier community of Mallory Creek Plantation, tucked within Leland’s sound borders. While...

Tennis for Kids at Brunswick Forest

Youth Tennis at Brunswick Forest Leland
Love counts for nothing; at least, so goes the saying in accordance with the rules of tennis. But for Chris Bartlett, independently contracted tennis instructor...

The New Student Representatives on Leland’s Parks & Rec

Parks and Rec Town of Leland Representatives
It’s an age-old question: how does anyone manage to infiltrate and comprehend the mind of a teenager? For the Town of Leland, and more specifically...

Artist Joanne Geisel Finds Balance

Artist Joanne Geisel
Joanne Geisel really puts herself out there. Day in and day out she finds herself on the scene –  whether that be in her studio,...